Team Building Limerick

​… Are you looking for a fun, yet meaningful, team building activity in Limerick? Well you’ve just found it.

Team Building Limerick

Challenges to suit everyone!

Escape Rooms have become a worldwide phenomenon in recent years, so we felt it was about time that somebody brought this fantastic activity to Limerick. Due to their highly interactive and engaging nature, Escape Rooms have proven particularly popular and worthwhile as a team building activity. Teams need to communicate and work together to find clues, solve puzzles and crack codes while capitalising on the individual strengths of each team member.


You get out what you put in…

The only way anyone is going to escape from the room in 60 minutes is if they work together, communicate effectively, delegate tasks and think creatively, which are all skills that any team would like to be bringing back to the office with them. This activity promotes problem solving, decision making, critical thinking, creativity and communication which means that each team member will have something to contribute and everyone is critical to achieving the ultimate goal. This is what makes escape rooms a highly inclusive team building activity and suitable for corporate groups with a diverse age profile and a broad mix of personality types.


At Escape Limerick, we can accommodate up to 18 players at once across our 3 escape rooms which makes this activity particularly ideal for smaller corporate groups. However, if you have a larger group, don’t be deterred! You can just book out the place for a number of hours and while some team members are playing the games, others can grab some refreshments at a pub or restaurant nearby so nobody needs to miss out on the excitement of our rooms.


It’s all about the experience…
Team Building Limerick 2

Meaningful Team Building Experiences!

But what if you don’t escape? Will it all have been in vain as a team building activity? Absolutely not. At Escape Limerick, it’s all about the experience and the learning that you’ll take from it. This is more the key than actually finding any physical key, however if you can do both, then you’re definitely on to a winner!


Okay, I’m ready to book…

If you and your team are up for giving our escape rooms a go, be sure to contact us by email or give us a call. We can’t wait for you all to experience the challenges that await at Escape Limerick.